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DeValtan Hygiene Solutions is designed to provide your business with extraordinary cleaning and hygiene services. We combine years of experience – both as contractors and managers – with a growing and far-reaching network of Cleaners and Hygiene Service Managers, providing services across the UK. We believe the best cleaning, hygiene, and waste disposal solutions are provided by people who:

  • Intimately know the spaces they service
  • Expect uncompromising work from themselves and their co-workers
  • Enter each project with full knowledge of the necessary standards and regulations

Delivering the best results

To meet the high expectations of our clients, we bring a three-tier approach to each project.


Our Method

Our project starts with a complete, no-obligation consultation and evaluation of your workplace. Your Devaltan Hygiene Expert will work with you, developing an in-depth hygiene and risk assessment. We identify your greatest cleaning and hygiene needs and evaluate your workspace with regards to HSE regulations. We also review your current procedures, determining areas for improved hygiene and safety. We then highlight the ways your service can be made more efficient, and develop a daily, weekly, or monthly schedule to fit your budget and timeframe.


Our Service

We use our assessment to plan for – and deliver on – your business’s unique needs. Sanitation, cleaning, and waste disposal are provided by DeValtan Service Delivery Teams, and your day to day care is handled by your Hygiene Service Manager. Our teams are composed of experienced and driven individuals. These workers are vetted, directed, and chosen specifically for your project by your Hygiene Service Manager. Our teams use tested strategies, such as colour-coded cleaning supplies, and superior cleaning brands. The result is wall-to-wall, floor-to-ceiling hygiene and cleanliness, delivered by courteous, diligent, and motivated staff.


Our Standards

Our providers bring exacting criteria to every single project. Your cleaning and hygiene services are delivered with meticulous care and a total commitment to the health and safety laws specific to your field. We help ensure that your business is compliant with HSE and CQC regulation, and other health and safety legislation pertaining to your business. We conduct regular reviews of our service, both independently and in conjunction with our clients. We do everything we can to ensure you are satisfied with the solutions DeValtan provides.

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DeValtan’s background as specialist cleaners – combined with our wide-ranging network of Hygiene Service Managers – has given us a wealth of expertise and experience. We are proud to offer specialized care in a wide range of industries.

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