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Every industry and every business is unique. With the expectations faced by the modern workplace, one-size-fits-all cleaning solutions can no longer keep up. At DeValtan, our Experts make assessments and design solutions matched exactly to the needs of our clients. We strive to match clients with Hygiene Service Managers specifically trained and suited to your field. We provide regular day-to-day cleaning and offer your business scheduled intensive cleaning services, such as deep cleans, steam cleaning, decluttering, floor washing, floor polishing, hardwood stripping and resurfacing, and internal window washing.

As any nurse or doctor knows, hygiene saves lives. Sanitation, thorough cleaning, and proper waste disposal are essential to keeping any medical facility safe for its patients and staff. Our first cleaning services were launched in the Medical Sector, so we understand the standards expected by Health Professionals, patients and stakeholders alike. Our Service Managers are fully familiar with CQC rules and regulations. Book your consultation, and bring your practice the attention it deserves with DeValtan’s trademark care.

In today’s world, professionalism starts with a professional appearance. For clients and workers alike, a clean, hygienic, and coordinated space is crucial to your company’s identity. DeValtan’s providers have years of experience handling office, commercial, and residential spaces. We design solutions for companies of all sizes – from mom and pop boutiques to major business centres. Book a consultation today, and enhance your space with exceptional cleaning and hygiene solutions.

A clean and well-organized space is key to efficient workflow and productive workers. It’s also a valuable tool in keeping workers safe. Make sure your facilities are up to the task by making DeValtan a part of your team. You gain the confidence of a space that lives up to the standards of clients and inspectors. Workers feel safer, more comfortable, and more motivated in a neat, hygienic environment. Best of all, we help ensure that your facilities are performing at their best.

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