Exceed standards and improve morale

Detailed day-to-day care and scheduled intensive cleaning services

From neighbourhood auto shops to mega-footprint warehouse spaces, DeValtan brings solutions to storage, mechanical, and manufacturing facilities of all needs and sizes. For our industrial clients, safety is always a major concern. An effective and well-designed plan for workspace cleanliness is crucial to reducing on-site accidents.


  • Warehouses
  • Packaging Facilities
  • Factories & Manufacturing Plants
  • Autocentres
  • Marinas and Boating Centres
  • Vehicle Storage Facilities
  • Specialist Supply Depots
  • Printers
  • Laundry Facilities

Maximise Worker Safety

When dealing with heavy equipment and machinery, a clean workplace can literally save lives. Slips and falls due to poorly cleaned surfaces and floors have the potential to be costly and fatal. This is also the case with mishandled chemicals or hazardous waste. A workplace risk assessment and having a comprehensive hygiene and cleaning program in place can save workers from injury or worse, which gives you peace of mind.

A More Efficient Workplace

Not only do thorough cleaning and organization keep your workplace safer, but it also helps with productivity. A more coordinated space improves workflow and overall output. Improvements in cleanliness and hygiene boost morale, leading to more motivated, hard-working staff. We help achieve this through the detailed day to day care, and scheduled intensive cleaning services, such as deep cleans, steam cleaning, decluttering floor washing, floor polishing, hardwood stripping and resurfacing, and internal window washing. Consult with your Hygiene Expert about the ways improved cleaning and hygiene can maximize your outflow and increase your bottom line.

Meet and Exceed Regulations and HSE Standards

The UK’s standards for workplace safety are some of the most rigorous in Europe. We help you reach and exceed those standards by bringing our expertise of HSE regulations to your bespoke hygiene and cleaning requirements.  All of our Cleaners and Service Managers are fully versed in the laws and regulations specific to your workplace.

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DeValtan’s background as specialist cleaners – combined with our wide-ranging network of Hygiene Service Managers – has given us a wealth of expertise and experience. We are proud to offer specialized care in a wide range of industries.

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