Meeting HSE and CQC Regulations

Experience, thoroughness and proven strategies for keeping your facilities hygienic and clean.

Nowhere is hygiene more important than in medical facilities. With your patients’ health and well-being in your hands, meticulous cleaning and hygiene management is needed to ensure you meet HSE and CQC standards, uphold your reputation, and do right by the people in your care. Our staff at DeValtan have been experts in medical cleaning and hygiene since 2007, providing affordable solutions for over seven years.


  • Hospitals
  • Surgical Centres
  • GP Offices
  • Dental Practices
  • Opticians’ Shop Floors and Offices
  • Walk-In Centres
  • After-Hours Clinics
  • Weight Loss Treatment Centres
  • Medical Schools

Ensure The Well-Being Of Patients And Staff

Between germs and viruses carried by patients, an array of chemicals and medications, and the potential for biohazardous waste, medical facilities pose many challenges for non-specialized cleaners. DeValtan combines experience and thoroughness with proven strategies for keeping your facilities hygienic and clean. We disinfect and sterilize, ensure total-surface cleanliness, and dispose of nonhazardous and hazardous waste, so that you can breathe easy when it comes to workplace hygiene.

Assure Clients With Clean, Presentable Spaces

Few things can do more damage to a medical practice’s integrity than the appearance of lax or neglectful hygiene and sanitation. Our Service Delivery Teams are made up of diligent, committed, and detail-driven hygiene professionals. We provide you with cleaners and waste management staff who devote themselves wholly to your sanitation and hygiene, delivered with a no-fuss, professional attitude. We also offer more intensive, scheduled cleaning services, such as deep cleans, steam cleaning, decluttering, floor washing, floor polishing, hardwood stripping and resurfacing, and internal window washing, keeping your facility presentable, neat, and immaculate.

Meet HSE And CQC Regulations

Our Experts and Managers understand the importance of meeting safety standards and regulations. Your Delivery Team will be fully versed in all Health and Safety Executive and Care Quality Commission legislation pertaining to facility cleanliness, hygiene, and waste disposal. We promise total solutions and care to make sure these standards are not only upheld, but exceeded wherever and whenever possible.

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